Complete Training Package for Airlines

ASP Air-Space has developed a unique concept, such as the "Complete Training Package" with ATO support (Approved Training Organisation) for Airlines and Training Centres.
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Complete Training Package for Airlines
ASP Air-Space has developed a new dimension, such as the "Complete Training Package", to help airlines to train their flight and cabin crews in the most convenient and efficient way. We will construct, equip and manage training center located near Airline's base and with ATO certification (Approved Training Organisation) for you! Moreover, we can recruit new staff and train them for you.

ASP Air-Space is manufacturer of Full Flight Simulators, Cabin Crew Training Equipment and Slides and Rafts, also in a partnership with leading VR training and Firefighting simulators suppliers. This gives us the opportunity to supply our customers with equipment in a complete set at a lower price. Moreover, we guarantee the quality of our products, since our team of specialists has been working on it with experience in the development and creation of aviation pilot and cabin crew simulators for more than ten years.

What does package include?
-Construction of training center near Airline's base
-Hiring employees
-Training Center's Approval (ATO)
-Documentation support with Airbus and Boeing
-Full Flight Simulators for pilots training
-Cabin Crew Training Equipment (Door Trainers with or without OWE, Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer, Cabin Service Trainer)
-Firefighting Simulators
-Slide, Rafts and Slide-Rafts
-Virtual Reality Training
-Training Aids

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