Door trainers + OWE
The main door, the front left + overwing exit hatch, a flight attendant's seat, attendant's control panel, lighting - the main as well as emergency, sound effects. From the control panel there are possible situations: doors jamming simulator, overboard fire visualization, smoke formation of the cabin.

Technical Department of our company has developed innovative modular training systems to a high degree of accuracy, close as much as possible to the original. Such precision is based on the use of the modules of aircraft original spare parts (BOEING,AIRBUS, EMBRAER, ATR-74/42 and others).

The exactness of the interior and technical authenticity provide the realistic environment for maximum training reproduction. Manipulated door systems guarantee the authenticity of the educational process as well as high reliability, ease of maintenance and improvement of the educational process.

During the operation the simulator can be changed and brought into line with the modernization of the aircraft.