Full Flight Simulators

Level D

Full Flight Simulators Level D by ASP Air-Space

EASA, FAA, CAAC approval
OEM hardware and avionics
Control loading system on all flight controls
Flight management system
Aircraft systems: electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc.
Aerodynamic flight and ground model based on Data Package
200 ° x 45 collimated visual systems
User-friendly IOS
QTG tool
Electrical 6DOF Motion System

Training Programs:
TR - Type Rating
MPL - Multi Pilot License
MCC - Multi-Crew Co-operation
APS - MCC Airline Pilot Standards MCC
JOC - Jet Oriented Course
IFR - Instrumented Flight Rules
LOFT - Line Oriented Flight Training
LPC - Line Proficiency Check
UPRT - Upset Prevention & Recovery Training