Cabin Crew Virtual Reality Training Technology
Virtual Reality Training for Cabin Crew by AVIAR
Introducing ASP Air-Space's Virtual Reality Training partner - Aviar Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Aviar is the leading specialized virtual reality platform for training and practice of air transportation industry specialists. It includes a rapidly growing library of hyper-realistic interactive training modules, service for customization and creation of unique VR training scenarios and modules, and end-to-end support for successful implementation of VR training in your company.
Aviar's mission is to establish virtual reality training as a new standard for air transportation industry staff training. Aviar assure that VR training is the key to the continuous improvement of the quality of the passenger and cargo service, work safety, and to environmental-friendly and sustainable development of all aviation businesses.

  • Emergency Equipment Pre-flight Checks Training & Exam (BOEING 737 NG)
  • Firefighting Training & Exam (BOEING 737 NG)
  • Depressurization Training & Exam (BOEING 737 NG)
  • Emergency Landing & Evacuation Training & Exam (BOEING 737 NG)

Other aircraft types are coming soon (Airbus A320 coming in 2021)