ASP Air-Space cares about environment!
ASP Air-Space produce simulators with modern technologies, for example we don't use hydraulics and pneumatics. That makes the use of simulators much more comfortable, easier, without monthly technical checks and without use of technical oils, which is very bad for the environment.

Moreover, we manufacture simulators that consume a small amount of electricity. This is important because thermal power plants use coal, gas or oil, that is, non-renewable mineral resources, and emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In the case of a nuclear power plant, the problem lies in those radioactive waste that has not yet been learned to process in such a way as to make it absolutely safe for the environment. Even hydroelectric power plants, which receive electricity from the energy of falling water, harm the environment: their construction leads to the flooding of valuable agricultural land, the destruction of existing ecosystems, and climate change. Thus, any power plant is harmful to the environment, but if each of us saves electricity by introducing energy-saving technologies, the required capacity of power plants will significantly decrease.

We use only water based paints. Because:
1. Reducing the chain of volatile compounds in our environment.
2. Reducing waste disposal costs.
3. Reducing harm to workers' health.
4. Clean equipment without using solvents.

Our company for the production of simulators uses only materials certified in Europe. We select the most sustainable, persistent and proven materials.