Door trainers

The production process of a rescue simulator consists of several stages. It begins with the preparation of requirements specification.

Requirements specification (RS) is the main stage in production, when the requirements of the customer are being cleared up. The individual features of the future simulator are being outlined. There is a form for the RS at the website. You can use this service individually or consult specialists of «ASP Air-Space».

A Preliminary project is being prepared on the RS basis. It includes:
- a layout of the future simulator
- technical specification,
- preliminary calculation of the cost.

The next stage is an Engineering design. At this stage «ASP Air-Space» engineers prepare individual project solution for your simulator. It includes technical equipment, interior and exterior. All of these solutions pass through computer simulation, engineering detailed elaboration and are reflected in project documentation.

Components are being produced on the basis of Project documentation. The parts are being produced on modern, high-precision equipment. For their manufacturing the following materials are used: composites, fiberglass, thermoplastic, aluminum, steel, etc. In simulators there are also used the original elements of aircrafts (doors, hatches, shelves, chairs, etc).

The next stage is Assembling and Configuring of your simulator. Then simulator is being tested. It should be noted that the reliability and safety of emergency rescue training is a very important factor for commercial use. And our company pays a special attention to this fact. In some cases we replace the original parts (because of the quick depreciation) by modernized workings out of «ASP Air-Space».

The final stage is Installation of the simulator on-site.

3 years warranty for our slides and rafts
Slides and Rafts

Slides and rafts are constructed from special wear-resistant material composed of impregnated reinforcing layer and outer PVC casing. The material is stable against aggressive liquids, such as gasoline and motor oil, and is not affected by ultraviolet radiation. Constant air inflation is not required.

The braiding of reinforcing fabric is custom designed. The reinforcing layer does not allow the material to stretch, thus enabling the article to maintain its shape and resistance to wear and high loads during its service life. The article has a low weight-to-size ratio.

Air inflation can be provided by centralized air system via special connector, as well as by separate compressor (included in the scope of supply).